JFK work

Pachyderm Pottery

Teri Carson and I had some great brainstorming sessions surrounding her art and what makes her unique. As a potter who is always testing the limits of her forms and embracing the little oddities and “mistakes” that occur in her artistic process, she was drawn to the absurd proportions and rough skin of the elephant. We came up with “Do Something Drastic” as more than a tagline, but a call to adventure among her pottery students and those that enjoy her art.

JFK work

JFK Lancer

JFK Lancer, a local Dallas research company, has spearheaded the effort to share information about the facts surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy for several years. The 50th anniversary of the assassination brought hundreds of guests from all over the world to the JFK Lancer “November in Dallas Conference” to celebrate the life and presidency of JFK, while sharing new research on the facts of the case. It’s been a pleasure working with Debra Conway, whose tireless pursuit of the truth is always inspiring.

ASN logo sample

A Small Nation

As A Small Nation was being born, I knew the fearless leader needed an epic hat to complete her character. After some costume shopping I found the Napoleonic hat that inspired not only our logo, but Sarah’s whole persona as the conquering hero. Just think what a different turn the company could have taken if I’d chosen a ten-gallon hat or a fedora. Some things are just meant to be.


The Lightroom

Treacy Mize is as big-hearted as they come. A portrait photographer for years, she felt the call to do something more influential with her art form. Her challenge: to create a “Record of Right” with those you love, using photos to document the journey. Branding for something like this is more than quality design. It’s tears, and laughter, and getting to the heart of her great ideas.


Odie & Penelope

This brand was based on the story of Odysseus and Penelope of Greek mythological fame. This brand for quality children’s toys celebrates the whimsy of childhood.

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