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JFK work

JFK Lancer
JFK Lancer, a local Dallas research company, has spearheaded the effort to share information about the facts surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy for several years. The 50th anniversary of the assassination brought hundreds of guests from all over the world to the JFK Lancer “November in Dallas Conference” to celebrate the life and presidency of JFK, while sharing new research on the facts of the case. It’s been a pleasure working with Debra Conway, whose tireless pursuit of the truth is always inspiring.

ASN logo sample

Ode to the hat
As A Small Nation was being born, I knew the fearless leader needed an epic hat to complete her character. After some costume shopping I found the Napoleonic hat that inspired not only our logo, but Sarah’s whole persona as the conquering hero. Just think what a different turn the company could have taken if I’d chosen a ten-gallon hat or a fedora. Some things are just meant to be.


The Lightroom
This project is truly my pride and joy. Working with Treacy Mize was such a pleasure. We laughed; we cried; we took the “branding” experience to new levels. Check her out at The Light Room.


Now that’s just depressing
I was asked to do a design expressing the statement, “Fight Entropy,” which, if you’re like me, you have no idea what that means. Basically we wanted to depict the hopeful ingenuity that would drive us as a culture to create things that mattered, and thus keep the quality and integrity of our work from gradual degradation. I was tasked with creating a WWI-era propaganda poster with the given phrase.

This first design was about as close to the style of the original designs as I could get. Note the awkward use of multiple headline fonts and the dated colors. However, when I submitted the design, she decided that, rather than sticking to authenticity of style, it was more important to evoke the hopeful feel of the message and give it a more modern twist.

Making a switch to a more modern look was a relief, after hours of fighting my natural instincts to recreate a counter-intuitive vintage style. The next image is the final design she chose.


Jerk flat

The good old days
Remember when email was a novelty and your inbox was a place where you found notes from your mom and your boyfriend? As the years wore on, the novelty wore off. If only we could break up with that demanding little inbox. But alas.

This was a fun design. Also one where I learned the valuable lesson of checking the details on creative commons licensing. Luckily, Sarah used her charm to get permissions to use this photo for our design. We both just loved it so much.

Identity paper dolls infographic2

Don’t be a poser
This design was born from our firm belief that being hip and trendy might make your brand one of the popular kids for while, but after high school, its lack of substance will leave it sad and alone with a big beer belly. That metaphor made more sense in my head. Bottom line, don’t pose. It’s important to know what you stand for as a business and let your brand inform the world of your foundational beliefs. We all know the “why” of your business is more compelling than your “what”.

Great Good

The Greatest Good
We’ve struggled with defining what it means to have a “nation” rather than just another business. We decided that a truly meaningful goal must not only serve your own purposes or the needs of your client. The greatest good will be the one that speaks to your heart and the hearts of others.

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