Logo Design


JFK Lancer
The 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination brought hundreds of guests from all over the world to the JFK Lancer “November in Dallas Conference” to celebrate the life and presidency of JFK, while sharing new research on the facts of the case. I was brought on by founder Debra Conway to create a fresh brand for JFK Lancer that year.

ASN logo

A Small Nation
As A Small Nation was being born, I knew the fearless leader needed an epic hat to complete her character. After some costume shopping I found the Napoleonic hat that inspired not only our logo, but Sarah’s whole persona as the conquering hero. Just think what a different turn the company could have taken if I’d chosen a ten-gallon hat or a fedora. Some things are just meant to be.

Cloud 9

The Cloud Nine Way
Dr. Timothy Johnston is the mastermind at Norge Dental Center in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Cloud Nine Way is a the curriculum that he is cooking up for other dentists to follow in his successful and stress-free footsteps.

Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah!
Our client decided that this tagline was a little too racy to use, but it remains one of my all-time favorites.

Change Agent

Change Agent
Ready to change your life? Eliza: Change Agent is ready to help. We loved the style and mystery of this design.


Odie & Penelope
This brand was based on the story of Odysseus and Penelope of Greek mythological fame. This brand for quality children’s toys celebrates the whimsy of childhood.

Odie&Pen 2

Cutting Room Floor
With any design project, I love to offer some options. This was Marva’s other concept for Odie & Penelope. As Sarah Bray taught me, both of these could be more accurately described as illustrations, which does limit the usage. But, we loved how they turned out, nonetheless.

Freedom Military

Church Ministry
Churches have a constant need for strong branding. This was a blossoming new ministry of the church. The logo was created by combining a few key elements and shaping the overall design to match what the church was already using.


Master Plan
These ladies are organization experts. Their design needed to reflect direction, passion, and power.

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